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Proudly launching I-Angel in New Zealand

The I-Angel is the Original Award-Winning Baby Hipseat Carrier. Designed and manufactured in Korea to the highest standards, the I-Angel brand epitomises quality workmanship and innovative comfort. This is why the I-Angel revolution has spread so quickly across the globe, and it is finally now available to parents in New Zealand.


The next generation baby carrier is here!

Why choose the I-Angel Hipseat Carrier over a traditional soft structured carrier?


More comfortable and ergonomic for baby

  • As the I-Angel has a unique hard (but light) hipseat, when your baby is placed in the carrier, he or she will be sitting on a mini seat.

  • This is innately more comfortable and ergonomic for baby than traditional soft structured carriers that are only made from soft fabric, in which your baby will either be hanging from a harness-like structure, or sitting on a piece of fabric.

  • The I-Angel ensures that baby's thighs are supported, and it is a good example of healthy hip positioning which encourages baby's normal hip development. For more information on healthy hip positioning, visit the International Hip Dysplasia Institute web site.








Safe to use even in front carrying mode

  • Many parents within the baby-wearing community are concerned about front-facing carriers compromising the posture of baby. However, as the I-Angel has a sturdy hipseat for your baby to sit on, baby will NOT need to arch his or her back, even in front carrying mode. So you can be sure that even if your baby is a natural explorer and prefers to face the big wide world, you won't need to compromise on his or her posture and physical development.


Ergonomic for you - no more heavy shoulders!

  • The I-Angel hipseat carrier is ergonomically designed to distribute the majority of your baby's weight onto your hips (a natural load-bearing part of your body) and NOT your shoulders - this creates less strain on you.

  • As your baby gets heavier, you can still enjoy the benefits and intimacy of carrying your baby without compromising your shoulders or back. The more comfortable you are, the happier baby will be.


Versatility - 1 carrier 6 ways to carry baby

  • The I-Angel is not just an ordinary baby carrier, it combines a traditional baby carriertoddler backpack and hipseat into one versatile product. You will no longer need to buy 3 separate carriers! To see all the ways you can use the I-Angel, see our FEATURES page.

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The revolutionary baby carrier that's safe and comfortable for you and baby no matter what carrying position

The Original Award Winning Hipseat Carrier

I-Angel has been creating premium baby products since 1991, and is the Original Hipseat Carrier. Through years of relentless effort and passion, I-Angel has become the Number 1 baby hipseat carrier in the market.


As the safety of you and your baby are our top priority, I-Angel has passed the highest safety standards from both European and U.S. institutions. For more information about these safety standards see our CUSTOMER CARE page.