I first approached I-Angel NZ when I stumbled across their hipseat carrier online, after searching for a carrier that I could use for my baby.  Libby was due for an operation to correct hip dysplasia and would be in a full body cast from the waist down. My previous carrier wouldn’t hold her weight correctly and her legs were to be forced outwards into a frog position. The team at I-Angel were amazing. They didn’t know if the carrier would work for my baby, but were willing to let me try it and return it if it didn’t work for her.  They were so understanding and it was wonderful to have their excellent customer service at a really difficult time.

If your baby is going to be in a spica cast, this is the hipseat carrier for you.  I bought it early and got Libby used to facing out towards the world, her weight nestled on the hipseat.  After the operation, I popped her into the carrier and her face lit up. She remembered this seat and felt comfortable and safe in it. 


We live in Wellington, up 9 flights of stairs and ramps.  Libby is secure facing outwards and enjoys watching the world go by as I carry her up the stairs.  The carrier feels comfortable and is really easy to use, with adjustable straps for varying heights and weights. It has a rain cover for her head and even has a small pocket on the side of the waistband for you to pop your cellphone, maybe keys or even a dummy in. I like that the front panel of the carrier is unzippable so you can remove this part in summer – it allows the air to circulate through the mesh panelling underneath. Especially important for your spica babies that get overheated quickly!  Libby is currently teething and the top of the carrier is a teething pad. Great for her to bite on, especially as she often spits her dummy out.


Now here is the best part.  It is interchangeable between being a hipseat carrier and just a hipseat.  I live in a split-level house, so carrying Libby in her cast up and down all the stairs for nappy changes and sleep times is tiring on my back.  When I want to use it inside the house as a hipseat, all I have to do is unvelcro two tabs and unzip the carrier section from the hipseat section.  Now I can wrap the hipseat around my waist and just pop Libby on top of this and carry her inside easily.

I can’t recommend this hipseat carrier enough. It has been a lifesaver for us and I will be using this even after Libby finishes up with her casts and braces as I find it a really comfortable and useful carrier.  The fact that she can rest on a seat is reassurance to me that her hips will remain in a solid and safe position.

S.Wilkinson (Libby with Hip Dysplasia)

Wellington, New Zealand

I-Angel has been really useful for me out & about whilst I run errands. With my 5 month old girl strapped comfortably to me it just leaves my hands free to keep an eye on my 2 year old girl as well. 


Trips out to the supermarket or other shops  don't have to be so overwhelming & the pram isn't always practical.


I really think the head cover and breathable mesh at the front is awesome especially with the warm weather we've been having. I don't ever feel uncomfortable when I'm using the I-angel , it's pretty simply to put on and I'm not left with tired shoulders. I love my purple I-Angel !!


Auckland, New Zealand

Having back problems for years I was worried I wouldn't be able to use a carrier with my baby.  I bought and tried some of the well known big name brands but after only a very short time I always ended up in pain and had to take my baby off - Since using the I-angel I dont have those issues, the seat provides more support for my infant and this helps lessen any strain on my back and shoulders.

My baby now being 10 months also prefers this to other carriers as he has a lot more room and is more comfortable.  Instead of being squished up against my body, he can sit in his own seat on the front or back and enjoy the ride.

I would highly recommend this carrier to everyone, but especially those who have back or shoulder issues.  5 Stars!


Melbourne, Australia

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