What baby weight can the I-Angel be used up to?


The I-Angel carrier is safe for babies who can support their heads comfortably, up to approximately 20kg. This means that with the I-Angel, you can share those close moments with your baby for longer!

Will the I-Angel fit everybody?


The majority of the I-Angel hipseat carrier ranges can cater for people with an approximate waist size of 26-45 inches (65-115cm). However, there is a Big Size range which can fit those with a waist size of up to 49 inches (124cm), or is suitable for those who just want a more comfortable fit - for example, if you prefer to wear your carrier over a jacket in winter.

How do I position the I-Angel when I am using it?


The hipseat is designed to be worn around your waist and not your pelvis/hip. Please ensure you wear the carrier tightly but comfortably around your waist. Please also refer to the Instruction Manual enclosed with the product, and our CUSTOMER CARE page. If you have any other queries that are not covered by the above, please feel free to email us at info@iangelnz.co.nz




Is the I-Angel safe for my baby?


I-Angel ensures that your baby is in a natural seated position, and is a good example of healthy hip positioning which encourages baby's normal hip development. Very importantly, it is also safe to use in front-facing mode (unlike a lot of other conventional soft structured carriers) as baby will not need to arch his or her back. I-Angel has also passed the highest European Safety Standard for soft baby carriers and European and US standards for safe levels of chemicals.


Why choose the I-Angel Hipseat Carrier over a traditional soft structured carrier?


There are lots of reasons why you should choose the I-Angel hipseat carrier: 


More comfortable and ergonomic for baby

  • As the I-Angel has a unique hard (but light) hipseat, when your baby is placed in the carrier, he or she will be sitting on a mini seat.

  • This is innately more comfortable and ergonomic for baby than traditional soft structured carriers that are only made from soft fabric, in which your baby will either be hanging from a harness-like structure, or sitting on a piece of fabric.

  • The I-Angel ensures that baby's thighs are supported, and it is a good example of healthy hip positioning which encourages baby's normal hip development. For more information on healthy hip positioning, visit the International Hip Dysplasia Institute web site.


Safe to use even in front carrying mode

Many parents within the baby-wearing community are concerned about front-facing carriers compromising the posture of baby. However, as the I-Angel has a sturdy hipseat for your baby to sit on, baby will NOT need to arch his or her back, even in front carrying mode. So even if your baby is a natural explorer and prefers to face the big wide world, you don't need to compromise on your baby's posture and physical development.


Ergonomic for you - no more heavy shoulders!

  • The I-Angel hipseat carrier is ergonomically designed to distribute the majority of your baby's weight onto your hips (a natural load-bearing part of your body) and NOT your shoulders - this creates less strain on you.

  • As your baby gets heavier, you can still enjoy the benefits and intimacy of carrying your baby without compromising your shoulders or back. The more comfortable you are, the happier baby will be.


Versatility - 1 carrier 6 ways to carry baby

The I-Angel is not just an ordinary baby carrier, it combines a traditional baby carriertoddler backpack and hipseat into one versatile product. You will no longer need to buy 3 separate carriers! To see all the ways you can use the I-Angel, see our FEATURES page.


I-Angel is the Original and leading hipseat carrier brand

I-Angel has been creating premium baby products since 1991, and is the Original Hipseat Carrier. Through years of relentless effort and passion, I-Angel has become the Number 1 baby hipseat carrier in the market.


High quality and safe product

As the safety of you and your baby are our top priority, I-Angel has passed the highest safety standards from both European and U.S. institutions. For more information about these safety standards see our CUSTOMER CARE page.

Frequently Asked Questions


If you cannot find the required information on our website please go to "CONTACT US" and fill in an enquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 



Is the I-Angel heavy compared to other baby carriers?


No, despite our hipseat, our carrier is surprisingly light, at only around 900g. This is similar to the product weight of other soft structured carriers. Our hipseat is made from a light but strong foam-like material, which is comfortable for baby to sit on, but light for you to carry around.


Which I-Angel is best for me?


It depends on what is most important to you. For example:

  • If having the versatility to switch between a hipseat carrier and a more compact soft structured carrier is important, then our Rainbow range would be best for you.

  • If having a carrier that is made from 100% organic fabric is important to you, then our Organic range would be most suitable.

  • If you have a larger frame, or want a more comfortable fit, then the Big Size range would work well for you.

  • If you want a unique design that reflects your individuality, then a carrier from our Animal, Denim or Fleur range would be perfect.

  • If you are after a more classic-looking carrier, then selecting from the Josh or Irene ranges would be the best option.

  • If you are after a carrier that is suitable for the great outdoors where you can protect baby from the wind, cold and rain, then you can get any of our carriers and pair it up with our premium 4 Seasons Windstopper accessory.


You may find the product comparison table on our FEATURES page helpful.


I found a defect with my I-Angel, what should I do?


All carriers come with a 1 year full replacement warranty. If your carrier is damaged outside of the 1 year period, we can repair this for you. Please contact us on info@iangelnz.co.nz and our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Will my baby get over stimulated in forward facing mode?


Every baby is different, but some babies are natural explorers and prefer to face the big wide world. You know your baby best, so if you find that your baby is perhaps getting over stimulated then you can easily switch your baby to inward facing at any time. To further minimise distraction you can attach the sleeping hood on the carrier to cover your baby's head.