I-Angel ONE carrier SIX uses

The I-Angel is not just an ordinary baby carrier, it combines a traditional baby carriertoddler backpack and hipseat into one versatile product. You will no longer need to buy 3 separate carriers!


With the I-Angel, you can carry baby in six different positions. No matter what mood your baby is in  there will always be a comfortable position to suit you and your baby.


*Important - the above ages are indicative only, use the carrier only when your baby can hold his/her head up confidently.

Only the best for you and baby...

I-Angel selects the highest quality materials and employs strict quality control measures to ensure the absolute safety of baby, and an ergonomic fit for you. We believe that caring for baby deserves only the best we can offer so that you can be assured of absolute safety, comfort and durability. Our I-Angel is made from:


  • Organic cotton teething pads - all our teething pads are made from raw cotton which is cultivated and produced using the freeze-drying method in healthy soil not spoiled by agricultural pesticides or chemical fertilizers for at least 3 years.


  • Quality cotton fabric - we do not use any harmful fixing agents, optical brighteners or chemicals to prevent fabric discolouration.


  • YKK zipper - we use the most durable zipper to ensure no sagging or misalignment.


  • WooJin Plastic buckle - we use the most reliable and secure buckle produced from the leading buckle provider globally.

# Zipped storage pouch is only available in the Rainbow II, Organic and Animal ranges. All other ranges have an open pocket for storage (no zip)

Ergonomically designed for better posture

How to choose the RIGHT Hipseat Carrier for me

 I-Angel has a wide range of designs and colours because we know how important it is to choose the right carrier for you and your baby. You can use the table below to help you decide which hipseat carrier is right for you.

Product Comparison v4.png